27 mai 2010

Welcome to Love blooms

I am really thrilled to introduce my new kit called Love Blooms. I am fascinated by the vintage, mixed media style ! I adore illustation so why not to mix with something vintage. The set includes 8 papers and 62 originals elements.     €4.20 €3.15Save: 25% off example in situationShadelia, AnchloveSavynabk, LisielPaula Bruno, MasevyJenny, ShadeliaAbeille, IrenchenMissVivi, ManueAngels, pitchouk82July, LucieBellisae, FanetteNinie, chouk77 Nath, Murmurecloclo, JennyPetu, XnicoleXAnubis, Lolapetit-lips,... [Lire la suite]
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24 mai 2010

sneek peek and a freebie

Hi my readers !!!! I hope you had a nice week-end ! I have made boat in a river. It was the first time for my sons ! In france, the sun is shining ! This thursday, i have a new kit. A little sneek peek ? vintage, mixed media with illustration ! I know you are here thanks to the freebie !!! Every monday, at digital crea, a designer create a freebie for you. This monday, the freebie is from Dydygedownload heredon't forget to come back on Thursday ;)xoxoSandrine
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19 mai 2010

Flash sales and a freebie

Hurry up ! 100 products 2 euros eachExampleI'm yoursMoodsCU Hand drawn frames ___________________________Don't miss the QP album made with I'm yoursand the freebie created by Dilohave a nice day
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17 mai 2010

I'm Yours

Hello ! I am back ! I enjoyed my time in Paris with all my friends designers and photographers ! it's hard to come back in reality ! A dream comes true ! all was perfect expect i have lost a lens and my compact flash card has been damaged. The most important is the emotion and people i have met...my friends !! well, i have a new kit today called I'm Yours let's see the CT pages (Thank you so much for your wonderful LO)Véro, ShadeliaMalu, JanettD.Irenchen, sortjuh77 Vickylilly, Petit-lips Snoopinette, Pouyou Anchlove, Anubis1 ... [Lire la suite]
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13 mai 2010

New CU, hand drawn frames

avalaible here..............................................I want to share you.... On saturday and sunday, i am going to Paris at Catherine's home, my dear friend of Afterfive designs.We are in a photography workshop together and with all our friends : glamfairy designs, Mag designs, July designs, MissK, Amélie Soubrié (owner of digital créa), galiscrap, Maélia, Coralie, snoopinette....I love photography but I am a beginner, i have to learn a lotbut I am going to share some pics with youMy son EmilienMy son OscarUs and my... [Lire la suite]
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02 mai 2010

Last day 45% off

My store is 45 % only today !Don't miss this opportinity !Example SweetsSweets bannersSpring LoveMoodsTruth from falsehoodVictoria's tendernessand always my photography goodiesexampleHave a nice sunday ! take care of you and your family !
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