17 juin 2010

3 releases and the winners are....

Well, in a few days, we are in summer ! Really ? In france, we had a horrible spring : It's pouring with rain and sometimes we have lovely days but from time to time ! At the moment, we have a ray of sunshine ( after a heavily rain). What's happening ? I don't use to talk about weather ! I am not a miss Meteo ! I am a designer and i have new releases lol. Firts, i have a new kit : B-Boys €3.80 €2.85Economie : 25% 1 alpha8 papers70 elementsExample in situation withChouk, ShadeliaSeattle Sheri, Anchlove Totuemaori, Virjul ... [Lire la suite]
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15 juin 2010

win before the release !!!

Hi guys !!!!I have a new kit the 17th of june ! A kit for boys !!!! and some other goodies !I am in the mood for rak ! Just let a comment here and random.org will choose 3 of you on thursday !Good luck !!!xoxoSandrine
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10 juin 2010

New release and new gorgeous sales

Indeed, Spring is almost finished but I decided to release my collab with my friend Catherine designs created the last year ! €4.20 €2.00Save: 52% offwe have teamed up to bring you an elegant French-inspired Spring kit : Chic Spring  The soft pastel colors combine with a splash of hot pink to make this an absolutely gorgeous must-have With this kit we have tried to capture the excitement one might feel when spring has finally arrived in all its glory and the world is warm again, and alive, and waiting to be... [Lire la suite]
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03 juin 2010

Oldies but goodies + CU Treasure box

It's time to release my huge collab with Jazzmin designs : Everyday blessings the album QPFor designerswanna see examples news and olds pages ? have a nice day Bisous Sandrine
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03 juin 2010

Sales and a freebie

Let's celebrate my first month at digital crea and mother's day ! No doubt you need original kits, made with love. The 10 products€4.20 €1.00Save: 76% off€4.20 €1.00Save: 76% off €4.20 €1.00Save: 76% off€4.00 €1.00Save: 75% off€3.80 €1.00Save: 74% off€4.20 €1.00Save: 76% off€3.00 €1.00Save: 67% off€5.00 €1.00Save: 80% off€5.00 €1.00Save: 80% off and for the store why not my hand drawn frames ? Don't forget my new brand kit €4.20 €3.15Save: 25% off and the freebie ( bellisae, chriscrap and bisontine ) ... [Lire la suite]
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27 mai 2010

Welcome to Love blooms

I am really thrilled to introduce my new kit called Love Blooms. I am fascinated by the vintage, mixed media style ! I adore illustation so why not to mix with something vintage. The set includes 8 papers and 62 originals elements.     €4.20 €3.15Save: 25% off example in situationShadelia, AnchloveSavynabk, LisielPaula Bruno, MasevyJenny, ShadeliaAbeille, IrenchenMissVivi, ManueAngels, pitchouk82July, LucieBellisae, FanetteNinie, chouk77 Nath, Murmurecloclo, JennyPetu, XnicoleXAnubis, Lolapetit-lips,... [Lire la suite]
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24 mai 2010

sneek peek and a freebie

Hi my readers !!!! I hope you had a nice week-end ! I have made boat in a river. It was the first time for my sons ! In france, the sun is shining ! This thursday, i have a new kit. A little sneek peek ? vintage, mixed media with illustration ! I know you are here thanks to the freebie !!! Every monday, at digital crea, a designer create a freebie for you. This monday, the freebie is from Dydygedownload heredon't forget to come back on Thursday ;)xoxoSandrine
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19 mai 2010

Flash sales and a freebie

Hurry up ! 100 products 2 euros eachExampleI'm yoursMoodsCU Hand drawn frames ___________________________Don't miss the QP album made with I'm yoursand the freebie created by Dilohave a nice day
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17 mai 2010

I'm Yours

Hello ! I am back ! I enjoyed my time in Paris with all my friends designers and photographers ! it's hard to come back in reality ! A dream comes true ! all was perfect expect i have lost a lens and my compact flash card has been damaged. The most important is the emotion and people i have met...my friends !! well, i have a new kit today called I'm Yours let's see the CT pages (Thank you so much for your wonderful LO)Véro, ShadeliaMalu, JanettD.Irenchen, sortjuh77 Vickylilly, Petit-lips Snoopinette, Pouyou Anchlove, Anubis1 ... [Lire la suite]
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13 mai 2010

New CU, hand drawn frames

avalaible here..............................................I want to share you.... On saturday and sunday, i am going to Paris at Catherine's home, my dear friend of Afterfive designs.We are in a photography workshop together and with all our friends : glamfairy designs, Mag designs, July designs, MissK, Amélie Soubrié (owner of digital créa), galiscrap, Maélia, Coralie, snoopinette....I love photography but I am a beginner, i have to learn a lotbut I am going to share some pics with youMy son EmilienMy son OscarUs and my... [Lire la suite]
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